What Is UX Design

UX (user experience) design is explained in 2 minutes - simple & easy way.

Have you ever had a frustrating experience online when you were trying to buy something in an app or on a website…and for some reason the checkout process was super complicated and it took so much time to figure out where to click? Or you had a hard time to find a customer support option?

Well we’ve all been there, I think.

You just really wanted to throw your phone away or you might have given up completely, and you never finished buying the product. So, the company has lost revenue because you couldn’t complete the checkout process. They made the process too hard for users.

It’s not only terrible for business, it’s also exceptionally frustrating for users and customers. That’s where UX (user experience) designers come in.

UX designers’ focus is to provide a great experience online by designing simple and easy solutions so whenever you want to buy a book online you can do that easily.

However,  our work doesn’t stop there. UX designers also think about improving the customer experience by providing for example free shipping or no signup needed payment options.

User experience design is the melting pot of three areas.

1. Putting the users and customers in the centre of the experience.

2. Driving business objectives. For instance: increased revenue by creating an easy shopping experience for users.

3. As well as, keeping the technical constraints in mind.

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