Hi, my name is Niki.

I am a polymath - designer, creator, writer, educator, sketchnote artist.

Hungarian born. Irish trained. New zealand based.

I can help with

Design research

Design research

Find out what your customers want and what your business needs. Create customer journey, service blueprint, and personas.

Design research

UX design

Create information architecture, task and user flow. Create wireframes and define the optimal functionality  for your product.

Design research

Visual design

Create an aesthetically pleasing user experience through your product's visual language and brand guideline.

Design research

Usability testing

Create and test prototypes or products with potential and real customers to make sure the user experience is smooth, and people want to use your product.

Design research

Development handoff

Collaborate with developers throughout the entire project to create a scalable, pixel perfect product that works and looks great.


clients logo: afilias, westpac, pwc, oracle, new zealand government - niki tisza