What I Wish I Knew Before Starting in UX Design

Industry secrets, tips & tricks that no one tells you but should know — my UX design ebook

I started my UX design journey about a decade ago, and it’s been a fantastic experience. It can be challenging at times, but the things that I’ve learned have changed me a lot and how I look at the world.

I want to share what I’ve learned with you. Things that no one tells you but should know about UX Design.

I’m sure valuable insights in the book will help get your career off on the right foot.

If you want to learn more about what it’s like working in user experience design in tech, then have a read!

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Book cover of What I wish I knew before starting in UX design by Niki Tisza
Cover of the book

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You will receive a pdf ebook and a Reference list with valuable resources that can kickstart your UX design journey (Notion and pdf templates are included).

The story behind the book

I wrote the book in November 2021 when I first participated in NaNoWriMo. I finished the editing in April 2022.

If you’re interested in my writing process, you can watch it here.

Frequently asked questions

Is this book for me?

If you are an aspiring junior user experience, product designer, or design student, this book is 100% for you!

If you are a seasoned professional, you might have heard and experienced most of the situations I describe in the book. However, I’m sure you’ll benefit from another person’s perspective.

Will I know how to do UX design after reading the book?

No, this is not a field guide on how to do UX design. I have plenty of courses, books, and video recommendations in the reference section, so it’s worth getting the book.

Why is this book free?

It’s free because I’ve received so many free things in my life from strangers on the internet. So, here I’m giving back to all of the other designers coming after me as the next generation of UXers.

I hope the book provides value to you!

Share it. Rate it. Send me feedback & questions about it. 😊