UI Kits and Design Systems for Figma

10+ free Figma component libraries for your next project.

If you're looking for a free UI kit or design system for Figma - I made a video about my favourite component libraries:

If you have ever worked on a large design project for a mobile app or website, you know that it can take a long time to create all of the individual UI (user interface) components, design assets, graphic elements, branding & typography guidelines from scratch.

What if there was a faster way?

Lucky for us, there is a faster way in 2021. It’s called UI kit.

A UI kit is a collection of UI components in a structured and consistent way. It should contain everything you need to design an app or a website. Components & elements include: colours, typography, icons, grid system, buttons and button-groups, dropdowns, input fields, controls, radio and checkboxes, tooltip, accordion and tabs, page layouts for different viewports, standard pages such as 404, and so much more.

You can search and investigate all of the available design systems and UI kits in Figma’s community files…or let me introduce my current favourite resource that provides a collection of design systems for Figma from all over the world.

And, here are my top 10+ UI kits for Figma — ready to use for your next project.

Free UI kits for Figma

Resources mentioned in video and article are from this website:

1. Atlassian

Thumbnail — ADS components by Atlassian & Joel Nasrallah

2. Spotify — Backstage

Thumbnail — Backstage design system UI kit by Spotify

3. Airtable

Thumbnail — Airtable apps UI kit by Airtable

4. Monday.com

Thumbnail —monday.com UI kit by monday.com

5. Google Material 3

Thumbnail — Material 3 design kit by Material design

6. Salesforce

Thumbnail — SLDS Components web by Salesforce

7. Microsoft

Thumbnail — Fluent web by Microsoft

8. Elastic

Thumbnail — Elastic UI by Elastic

9. GitLab

Thumbnail — Pajamas UI kit component library by GitLab

10. Voog

Thumbnail — Voog design system by Voog & Stefan Hiienurm

11. Twilio

Thumbnail — Twilio components by Twilio

Some of these UI kits are more extensive than the others. Pick the one that suits the best for your project.