Too Late to Get Into UX Design?

Read and watch me talk about how the UX industry has evolved since I started & what we can expect in the future in user experience design.

Have you ever wondered if it's too late to get started in user experience (UX) or product design?

My short answer is no. It is absolutely not late. Actually, there is no better time than now.

Do you think the market is oversaturated already? I don’t believe in saturated markets.

Because if you put your heart and soul into this profession (in any profession actually), then...the sky’s the limit. It’s true!

I think 2021 is a super exciting time for user experience design. Why?

There are emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, no UI UI. They bring great challenges that we haven't faced before. We are designers, we are problem solvers, so we need to solve these upcoming design challenges. Because user experience design is part of a bigger umbrella, which is human centred design…

I think, as long as we are here, as long as humans are here, we will have a job.

I don't think user experience design is going anywhere anytime soon. If anything, the industry needs more of us. 

One thing that you need to keep in mind is, this is a forever evolving profession. If you choose to be a UX product designer, then you always need to learn new things, new skills. You need to evolve with the industry's needs, because probably we're not going to wireframe forever.

Your responsibilities and tasks as a designer will be different throughout your career, they will be evolving.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges will be designing for the older population. If we look at humans’ average lifespan, we can see that it's continually increasing. If it stays like that, then we will have an even larger elder population in the future.

My prediction is accessibility will play an even bigger part in UX product design. 

I did create a video about this topic (where I dive into the why and reasons), in case you rather watch it on YouTube: