Sketching for User Experience Designers

Everything you need to know to get started with UX sketching - FREE work booklet

You probably think of digital design only when you think of UX design. However, sketching by hand is an essential skill in user experience design that is frequently overlooked. Sketching and wireframing by hand can often reveal aspects of our design ideas that will make our designs more engaging and help explore and communicate new ideas.

If you work in the user experience design field or want to broaden or improve your

  • UX design
  • UX sketching
  • UX wireframing skills

then sketch along with me by watching this tutorial:

You don’t need to be an experienced sketcher or have any special artistic talent to follow along.

Let’s grab a pen and paper or a tablet and practice together. Because we only learn by doing.

Psst, make sure you download your work booklet for FREE here.