How to Set and Achieve Goals

Some people set goals in a new year, but setting and start achieving goals can start anytime in a year.

Note: blogpost was published in 2019 on my previous website and Medium.

This blog post is about how to set goals for a new year.

But first, let me share that I recently listened to a video done by Jim Rohn where he says it’s very important to set up and verbalize or write down both our long-term and short-term goals to achieve good things in life. He calls them long-range and short-range goals.

Long range goals are dreams. They are my dreams, they are your dreams. Those are the dreams that very unlikely happen within a year, and they are unique to you, your aspirations, what you want to get out of life.

In the other hand, the short range goals are the goals for today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this quarter, this half year, and this year. They are confidence builder. You can just have a short term goal in mind e.g. going for a run, and you just need to go for it, don’t think, just work hard, do it, and accomplish it. Essentially, they contribute to your long range goals.

So, I thought…there is no better time than right now. Why don’t I just do something that contribute to my long range goal, and do that short range thing today, hence my first video on YouTube.

Goals & categories

I love that this is a new year. I love that this is Monday because it makes me feel it’s a fresh start towards something that I’ve been dreaming about but putting it off for a long time because….I don’t know…self-doubt? No time? Fear of failure? Procrastination? Whatever the reason was…so I discussed it with myself, me and I agreed, today is the day. I’m just gonna do it, and I will chip away at one of my long range goals. And see how it goes? Because…What’s the worst thing that can happen?

So, following the advice in Jim’s video, I’m going to write down my long and short range goals, and I put them into 3 different categories:

Category #1 is Economics: it’s my income, profit, money, salary etc. wherever I get your money from.
Category #2. Is Things: things I want regardless if it’s small or big. e.g . a calligraphy pen, a veggie garden, a trip overseas.
And category #3. Is Personal development: these are the things that bring good things to my life as I become more skilful, as I improve my skills that are lacking e.g. playing piano, learning a new tool that makes me more efficient at my work.

And once I’m done with goal settings, I sort the goals into months and quarters so that I can keep track of them, keep track of my progress, and see if any changes needed to my plans – it’s called monthly revision. Then, I come up with a plan what I need to do to achieve these goals.

And I will keep a daily to-do list, with only 3 major items just not to overwhelm myself.

Jim mentions that only 5% of the people do these thing. Only 5% of the people set up goals and follow them through. Lot of people don’t have goals, because…goals are hard. So hey, I don’t know about you, but I wanna be in that 5%. I know.

So, here's the recipe

1. Study yourself

2. Write down your long range and short range goals

3. Make a plan

4. Show up every day

5. And do the work. And good things will come to you. I’ll report back on this, at some point 🙂

If you read the post this far, thank you so much.

I hope you got something out of it.

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