Embrace Your Inner Onion

The blessing and the curse of having many interests

Illustration by the author

Do you ever feel like you have so many interests that you can’t pick just one?

No, you don’t have ADHD.

But yes, you just might be a multipotentialite — a person who has a wide range of interests and career paths.

I recently watched a TED talk by Emilie Wapnick about multipotentialites, and it made me realize that I’m not alone.

Sometimes people think having many interests means you can’t focus.

But that’s not true!

It’s just that the discovery of new things and the exploration of different fields fascinate me.

Throughout my life, I’ve held a variety of jobs.

I’ve been a florist, farmer, banker, recruiter, waitress, developer, bartender, consultant, face model, poker player, sales assistant, event manager, business owner, personal trainer, insurance broker, project coordinator, production line worker…and more.


That’s a lot, right?

Bear in mind; I’ve been working since I was 13.

Yes, I’m aware that’s considered illegal in some countries. But I grew up in a rural area of Eastern Europe.

Nobody cared.

If anything, the fact that I picked up a job at such a young age looked admirable.

Being a specialist or not being a specialist?

Being a designer is my longest career to date — with content creation on the side & some freelancing.

How long will I stick with it?

Probably not forever.

But that’s okay because I like trying new things.

There are times when I envy people who specialize in one field.

It seems they have it all figured out.

But then I remember how much I enjoy being me and knowing a bit about everything.

Okay, not everything, but many things.

While my knowledge might not be deep, it is broad and diverse. Except for watermelon farming, design, and exercise with a back injury.

My expertise in those areas is way deeper, but I am still not a specialist.

So, what’s it like being a multipotentialite?

Well, it’s a bit like being a Jack or Jane of all trades and a master of none.

We may not be specialists in one particular field, but we can learn quickly and tackle many different tasks.

In life and at work, I see this as an advantage.

Being a multipotentialite is sometimes like riding a rollercoaster.

As much as I enjoy having so many passions, there are times when it feels like the world just doesn’t get me. It’s a struggle to find our place.

Sometimes, people might not understand our many interests, and we may feel like we don’t fit in.

But you know what?

That’s totally okay.

I know it’s not always easy, but there’s a whole world of wonder waiting for us. And the best part is…we’re not alone.

There are other multipotentialites out there, just like us, who understand our thirst for knowledge and diverse passions.

I’ve met some amazing multipotentialites throughout my life, and each encounter was a fantastic experience. We instantly connected, sharing our stories, dreams, and aspirations. It was like finding long-lost friends who truly understood me.

The system in which we live celebrates focusing on just one thing

If you’ve ever felt like the world around you wants you to focus on just one thing and have one passion, I believe that we’re capable of much more.

I like to think of us as onions.

Yes, onions!


Because, just like onions, we are multifaceted humans with many layers. Each layer represents a different interest, skill, or passion we have, and when you peel back one layer, you discover another waiting to be explored.

So, to all my fellow multipotentialites, I encourage you to keep shining, keep exploring, and never stop learning.

Let’s not limit ourselves to just one thing or be defined by a single passion.

Embrace your inner onion and celebrate the beauty of your many layers!

In the end, being a multipotentialite means we can grow and adapt in ways that others might not.

We can use our wide range of skills to solve problems and make connections that others might miss.

So, don’t be afraid to be a multipotentialite!

Embrace your many interests and see where they take you.

You never know what amazing experiences and opportunities await you.