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You might have noticed you didn’t receive my newsletter in the past 3 months. 

Sadly, I had to take an unintentional break from non-essential activities. The good news is, I’m back now!

I would like to thank everyone who reached out, concerned and wondering about my unexpected absence. The care and messages you sent me meant a lot, and I am grateful to have such a supportive community behind me.

In case you’d be wondering what happened, I shared the recent health scare that made me take a step back and focus on my well-being. Health is wealth, as they say, and I have experienced firsthand how true this is. It's been a journey full of learning and realizations.

You can watch this nearly raw-cut video.

Of course, I’d love to keep providing value to you, and I’m hoping my design content helps you elevate your design journey.

This week…

On that note, this week’s topic is UX writing for better content design.

When I worked for startups, I wished I had these tips. Instead, I was trying to produce verbose sentences that were grammatically correct.

I understand the unique challenges when working as a solo, team-of-one designer and wearing multiple hats — including content design.

Despite no longer working for startups and having dedicated content designers on my team, I still visit these tips from time to time.

Watch the video on YouTube, and it just came out recently.

20 UX Writing Tips for Designers (be a better writer!)

I hope you find this Hirlevel issue helpful.

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