Hello, fellow creative! 

I hope you all are doing well!

I’ve recently finished my contract job in New Zealand and went on a two-weeks off-grid break to see the South Island one more time before leaving. It’s crazy to think that this era is coming to a close…as much as I loved living here, I crave travelling and being closer to Europe. When we still have parents (mine is aging now), it’ll be nice to be closer to my mother, so in case she needs me, I can jump on a plane and be in her village in 8 hours. While from New Zealand, it’d be a mission.

I leave NZ just in 3 weeks…so much to do before the move. I’m glad I can focus on packing, selling, and organizing our lives here and in Canada. I’m getting more and more excited about the move! 

Design on YouTube

One of the greatest perks of having a smaller YouTube channel is to be able to try different things and different approaches. 

So in June, I decided to experiment with short videos only. Shorts that are not the rip-off of my long-form videos. I will continue with this in July and see what the channel analytics look like.

I created over 15 shorts in June; check them out if you haven’t already: Link to the playlist

Or some of my favourites in the UX law series:

Fitts’s law Link to video

Hick’s law Link to video

Jakob’s law Link to video

How to stand out from other entry-level product designers Link to video

When should you do user and UX design research Link to video

I’ve been in career coaching for a while now and am trying to find/renew my love for design. Don’t get me wrong; I still like design. However, I feel I’m kind of burnt out. So, I’m taking a little break before starting my job in Canada. I feel I need this so much. Maybe you can relate. I don’t know if it’s the side effect of the pandemic or lots of demanding jobs in the past, but I’m exhausted. Not physically but mentally. 

On this journey of renewing my love for d; I’ve I’ve been reading a book called The artist’s way by Julia Cameron. Do check it out if you struggle a little bit with creativity.

Design resources you want to see

#1. If you haven’t heard it yet, my UX book is out! 🙌  

Get your FREE copy from Gumroad: Link to book

Just put $0 for free checkout to get the book. Get it while it’s free…I’ve been working on the book's second edition (which will have a small cost to it).

#2. Also, check out my Notion templates to level up your design career or get into the UX field. It’s an ever-growing library, so make sure you take a look: Link to Notion

#3. If you’d like to learn more about the laws of UX, this website provides an excellent overview of what’s what and how you can apply them in your next design project.

#4. If you’d like to upskill yourself in typography, I have a few recommendations:

💫FREE web typography lessons: https://betterwebtype.com/ 

💫Fonts knowledge by Google: https://fonts.google.com/knowledge 

💫Lots of fun type lessons: https://practice.typekit.com/ 

💫Beautiful custom typefaces (they have a price, though): https://ohnotype.co/ 


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Thanks for reading. I’ll be taking a winter/summer break because I won’t be able to do much writing because of an international move, so I’ll see you in August.