2022 January - Hirlevel #5

Hello, fellow creative! 


I hope the first month of the new year was splendid. I know it’s the end of January, but hey, happy new year to you! I hope this year will be everything you want and more. 

I certainly had lots of new things going on, so I cannot wait for things to settle down a bit. But it’s all good, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s January

I started a new job as a UX Architect earlier in January. It made me think of people’s limits...and, do I know my limit? How much can I take in and on from people? Am I ready for a new position?

The interesting thing was, I didn’t even look for a new job. I was ‘headhunted.’ You know when people hear about you and your work. Someone referred me. It’s the best kind of reference. So, I went to a meeting (just out of interest), I got a few follow-up sessions and boom. There was a contract with more money than I asked for :D It’s been a challenging but great ride since. 

This whole experience made me think of our limits. For example

Do we truly know our limits? Do we know what we are capable of? Do we all set limits for ourselves? We tell ourselves what we can and cannot do…and work inside those parameters.

I examined myself: when was the last time I genuinely pushed myself to the edge and realized my potential? And I came to the conclusion that it was possibly about three years ago. But since I stayed within these constraints or boundaries, I created for myself. So, it was time to rechallenge myself, professionally. Because I know every time I push myself, I feel my talent grows. I lessen my constraints. I broaden your capabilities. So this is my first encouragement for you: Challenge yourself, and do something that will make you grow mentally, physically, emotionally, or professionally.

Design (related) things

Many things are happening in the tech and design industry, such as AI (artificial intelligence), blockchain, NTFs, the change of e-commerce UX, chatbot/conversational UX design, virtual UX, new interaction design patterns, and more. On the side, I’m learning all about these topics. Why? Because time has proven that we, designers, cannot stagnate and rely on our existing knowledge and expect great jobs. We always need to upskill and learn about new technologies and how they might affect our industry. So, if you haven’t invested time into these topics, I’d encourage you to do so.

I’m always on a hunt for new User Experience design trends - what we can expect in 2022 and what might come in the next few years, even if it’s only speculation. Because I cannot imagine we will design websites and apps forever.

I collected a few great talks about the topics I’ve been learning about. Watch or listen by clicking these links:

Learn NFT 



Join Gary’s Discord: https://discord.com/invite/veefriends 

Can you tell I fancy Gary a lot? ;) 

Learn Blockchain, BitCoin





Graphic design trends


YouTube related things

Videos I created in January, in case you want to check them out.

If you can't remember the last happy day you had at work, it might be time to consider quitting. Here are some red flags to indicate it’s time to call it quits. I hope this video helps you decide if you should join ‘the great resignation’: https://youtu.be/jEXiuBrJafs 

The basics of effective icon design are clear. Icons need to be consistent, legible, and clear so that users can easily understand and recognize them. Iconography is an important part of user interface design. It's a visual language representing actions and content and showing the meaning behind functionality. So here are my tips to help design better icons: https://youtu.be/9At1yFg901Y 

Also, after nine years with my very first MacBook Pro (from 2013), I finally invested in a new MacBook Pro. And so far, I’m absolutely impressed with my Mac. I only hope it will last as long as the previous one because I don’t like to buy new and expensive things. I made a fun short video about unboxing it. Check out how beautiful the new Apple MacBook is: https://youtu.be/e240vb0dhXo 


That's it. I’m closing this newsletter with my most popular tweet in January: 

‘Comparison is so unnecessary. Nobody can be a better you than you. Nobody can do things in a way you can. No one has the experience you do. Let's stop comparing ourselves to others.’