Hello, fellow creative! 

My thoughts and struggles this year

Maybe you can relate.

I barely took time off in the last couple of years. Even though New Zealand wasn’t affected as severely as other countries by the pandemic, we still couldn’t leave our country and hoped to come back anytime. So I started to feel the ‘island-fever’, which I didn’t believe existed. I live in Wellington, and although New Zealand is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries on the Earth, I still would like to leave and discover new places from time to time. And when you are not allowed or can’t get back to your country, it’s hard. It makes you rethink why you live here. 

So in the last two years, I’ve been hustling. I added so many new channels to my mini business…because this is the game we need to play. It’s not enough to pick your niche, and you gotta be everywhere on social media…because your people are also everywhere. You need to be on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Reddit. You need to join Facebook groups, and you have to join Discord and Slack communities. You need to write on Medium, Substack, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You have to have a blog. You need to have a YouTube channel and also have a podcast while you’re at it. You need to create shorts, reels, tiktoks. Short-form and long-form videos. You have to engage with your community; otherwise you cannot build anything. Well, it’s a lot. I felt it was a lot. 

I barely took time off in the last couple of years. I kept hustling along with my full-time job and side projects. I mean, I am building something here. I have a huge plan with the profit I make (stay tuned what it is…not sure when I announce it. It depends when I reach the goal).

So, it was time to take a rest. I felt I had to prioritize my mental peace. A break was needed.

As a good Eastern-European family, we never went on holidays when I was a kid. So taking a break, a real break, is not something that comes to me naturally. But I needed it in December last year. So I took four weeks off of work. Technically, I was still employed in January. However, I only went back for a day to sort out some administrative things and handed over my hardware. The break was much needed. But have you felt that you are not really on a break in the last couple of years when you're on holiday? I was worried about my streak, follower counts, not posting stuff and engaging etc. I was also recovering from my previous work and mentally preparing myself for the next challenge in my professional life. But I was worried about numbers and statistics. I had to ask myself, do I want to live a life with that much pressure from outside? Or did I put this pressure on me, and no one expects these things from me, except me?

I think I put things into perspective now. It helped a lot when I temporarily disabled one of my Instagram accounts…thousands of followers. If you’re one of them, you might have noticed. I might come back at some point.

Anyways, I'm excited to be back in February with some great content for you. 

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