Hi there!

It’s Niki.

I hope you’re doing well.

First, I’ve never written a newsletter before, so this is my first time doing it. 

What do I know about writing a newsletter? 

I know that a newsletter should be written in such a way so that it is not just informative but also interesting and contains some valuable information to the reader. (I hope I can give you something like that)

The heading of your newsletter should be catchy and the content should be well researched. (Hm...still working on it) 

I should avoid sending out my newsletter too often or too infrequently to avoid getting ignored or forgotten about by my readers and subscribers. (well, I promised a monthly newsletter for now...will see how much valuable information I can gather in a month)

I hope you stick around while I figure this thing out :) 

I value your subscription so much! 

Thank you for reading.


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Fun fact, if I didn’t go to a meetup in Dublin, Ireland nearly 10 years ago...perhaps I would have chosen a different designer path - it’s a good story, I might tell it some day.

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Game for designers

Do you like playing? 

What else is a better game than a designer game...where we need to choose the better design. 

I had a little bit too much fun with this game recently: https://cantunsee.space/

I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

A new beginning


I don’t know about you, but I always loved September. 

I’ve been living in New Zealand for over 7 years, but I grew up in Hungary, Eastern-Europe. And September was always another January for me. Maybe because we started school in September...fall starts in September with those long, still warm evenings.

Indian Summer in English - but Hungarian is a little bit more twisted in every way, so we call this time of the year ‘summer of old women’. I find the term hilarious, as well as descriptive and true. Why? It reminds me of the village I lived in. During September all the grandmas (‘old women’) were sitting on the porch or on a bench in front of their house, chatting away...it was the time of the year, when people paused, because the crop was already harvested, and there was not much to do, only to wait for the winter.

In my mind, it was always a good time to reset...because why would you wait until January? I’d encourage you to set new goals for yourself, and start working & executing on your ideas to reach your goals.

My new goal is to become a better writer...and I have a plan that I’ll share with you soon.


A reminder to stop wishing & start doing

I read this quote a couple of months ago…I don’t know the author, if you do, I’d appreciate it if you’d email me the name of the author. It goes something like this:

Your competition isn't other people.

Your competition is your procrastination. 

Your ego.

Your lack of focus.

The unhealthy food you're consuming.

The knowledge you neglect. 

The negative behaviour that you're nurturing.

Compete against that.

Become the best version of yourself. 

Start your mental training routine today.


Thanks again for joining the ‘club’! I'm looking forward to sharing the next newsletter with you.

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Keep designing. Stay productive.

Until next time.